Seminar 6- Promises: what is the future for a more democratic civil society?

Promises: what is the future for a more democratic civil society?
Date: TBC June 2017, Location: University of Leicester, Time: 10-4

This seminar will draw together the themes from earlier seminars to provide an overview of the key issues around democracy within Civil Society.

The focus of the seminar will be on exploring the implications for policymakers and practitioners including members of formal CSO organisations and participants in less formalised networks.

An Open Space Technology (Owen 2008) session will be used to consolidate knowledge generated, discuss research priorities, plan collaborations and further establish the research network enabling the development of future actions.


    • The seminar programme is open to practitioners, policy makers, activists, and academics who are interested in, participate or research in Civil Society, particularly around democracy and participatory forms of organising.
    • The seminars will have a series of speakers, who will act as provocateurs rather than lecturers and as such the seminars will be highly interactive and participatory.
    • The seminar will draw on research and experience of academics and practitioners to develop an inter-disciplinary network to explore and debate these ideas. It is also particularly welcoming to PhD and early career researchers.

All seminars are free and will include food and drink